Sunday, March 26, 2006

The excellent news! ETA declares a permanent cease-fire of armed l´actividad a fact like this!

The excellent news! ETA declares a permanent cease-fire of armed activity a fact like this!
In the symbolic date to be made the day following remember in commission "estatut of Moncloa", and agreeing with being the 5 anniversary of the death of Ernest Lluch, now occurs to a firm step to the pacification of Euskalherria and the possibility of giving worthy exit to the Basque conflict, in which many steps will make lack and not few difficulties, still more when this fact of few days ago, empty of speech to the PP. And ETA does with the Irish model d´"alto the permanent fire ", that can trigger in a permanent truce, and hopefully, when leaving the armed warfare, signal that will have been respected the right to decide of the Basque society.
In Catalan scope, beyond the reactions, it will do that the subject of estatutillo of Moncloa happens to second term, but simultaneously will put more in evidence than the same one straight to decide of the Basque society, will do that here many we will demand the comparison in Catalunya of which it is obtained in Euskadi, that luckily aqui does not take place the armed warfare, but by this does not have to be excuse to such follow passages towards the self-determination. And that in Euskadi happens through a worthy solution, of first approaching all the prisoners Euskadi, as it says the own Spanish legislation that it is failed to fulfill, with later and ordered excarceración of the ETA prisoners, the derogation of the law of parties, that causes that Batasuna can be presented/displayed to the Basque elections and again becomes to the way of the parliamentary policy to the left abertzale and its surroundings.
Here it is necessary that we put the batteries, and that in spite of the titubeos that apparently ERC in the Senate makes take something more for estatutillo of Moncloa, like the airport of the Prat, when indeed there to the Senate, it is where it has greater capacity of influence by the numerical balance. Every time we are plus which we think that the referendum has to occur in autodeterminista key, and this already is one that is taking it upon maturity with own Web: that today has done when promen the public presentation in col.legi of Periodistes.
A cease-fire does not spend every year, therefore today it is historical day, without a doubt, and all the forces will have to put of their part, and now the political height of everyone will be seen. And this, has to us to impel, now more than ever, in Catalunya also to defend our right to decide our future, the conjuncture of the moment freely, if it is known to take advantage of, it can favor to us parallelly as much in Euskadi in Catalunya, with different priorities and ways, but with the same final mission, the right to decide d´ambas societies.
Official notice of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Communicated of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna 22 of March of 2006 Euskadi
(ETA) has decided the permanent cease-fire of the activity armed from the 24 of March of 2006. The objective of the ETA decision is to impel the democratic process that makes lack do in Euskal Herria. in Euskal Herria it is necessary to construct a democratic frame, that recognizes our rights, watching to the future and making all the political options possible. When the finishing this process the Basque citizens will have to have the right to decide their future. To the states Spanish and French he corresponds them to respect, without no limitation, the decision of democratic debate that occurs in Euskal Herria.
They will have to respect the decision that the Basoues we adopted on our future. ETA makes a call because all the agents act with the same responsibility with what ETA has acted in the hour to make the step that has done. To the authorities of Spain and France, ETA does a call to them so that they offer a positive answer to the new situation and leave the repressive attitudes. In general ETA it makes a call to the Basque citizens so that they are implied in the process and so that they fight by the rights of our town. It is the will and the desire of ETA to take this process until the aim and to recover a true democratic scene, surpassing a conflict that has lasted many years and constructing a peace based on justice. We confirmed the commitment to continue the future in making more passages in agreement with the expressed will. The resolution of the conflict today and here is possible. It is the desire and the will of ETA. Gora Euskal Herria Askatuta. Gora Euskal Herria Sozialista. It advanced until obtaining to independence and the socialism.