Sunday, February 19, 2006

A MILLION PEOPLE STAND EVERYTHING SAYING:WE ARE ONE NATION And WE FLEW TO BE ABLE OF DECISION Or we have the process in march towards autodeterminatio

A million people stand everything saying: WE ARE ONE NATION And WE FLEW TO BE ABLE OF DECISION! . Or we have the process in march towards l´autodetermination
If the hundreds of thousands of anonymous people caused yesterday that they occupied the streets of Barcelona, Seat in Spain until Seat Catalunya, and the human riada one, filled this long space with all the great one via without getting to see the aim of people both sides, are that the nation catalana s´ha planted and or has to decide to say the sufficient thing and to based the social base towards the national and social sovereignty.
Before establishment of the socioconvergència, that denied the legitimacy of the vindications of than 600 organizations included more under the Platform by the right to decide, refusing to attend IC-psc-ciu and of course PP, having in against mass average, with one infima cover of mass average officials or deliberate concealment, with attempts d´obstrucción with coincidence of the Barça-Betis, solventat by the managements of the director of the Barça, and columnistes on salary of the "regime" which they are to receive instructions to gauche divine of the Route * veneto, to orchestrate and * desincentivant the will of simple people that we flew to be able the ámbitos(fiscalidad, tributary agency, justice, language, Catalan frame of labor relations, health, education, etc..) and that is respected the legitimacy of the Parliament of Catalunya and l´acuerdo that in its day had the consensus of 90% and that all s´han desdicho and s´han added with l´estatuto of the Moncloa of But-shoemaker, with exception d´ERC, that supported in solitaire the parliamentary arc inside, with the presence of 6 advisors and leaders.
And it is that this country s´ha planted before a Spain that nor understands to us, nor respects to us and that upon putting under the popular classes to the deficiencies of services public by the fiscal deficiency of financing due to espoli of 9% tho the PIB, labels d´insolidarios and it does not have miraments to appeal to the xenophobia using the lie, for example towards the Catalan, being the maximum exponent the PP and his around " brunete mediatic", the authentic tanks of the S.XXI. The national vector, will have to d´entrar like essential element of the directions of all the parties, because by the variety of gene, d´edades and d´os of many as much of the Castilian, everything shining estelades and señeras, presents with national normality to the historical manifestation that deprives of authority the pact of the shame of But with that its word is incomplert, Zapatero, and who leaves in evidence the PSC, he will have to make romiar very since than 150,000 voters perfectly more disillusioned of PSC and 100,000 of CIU they made fragmentation hand grenade under the motto "we are a nation and we have the right to decide", throwing by low it.
And if not they move by nation Catalan, when they see that "you feel them no longer" take them plus the hair and they do not receive his support like punishment, and s´añadan to the national normality of already convinced, the mobilized bases d´ERC, that along with people non-participant that general "happens", understood that s´ had to be before the defense of the dignity of the Catalan town. A lesson of the civil society that has given a democratic slap, civica and pacific to the class leader and l´alta bourgeoisie that invites Zapatero to undo the will of the Parliament and dares to say what touches and that to of government the country, menystenint to this often silenced social majority that is the d´este working-class country. And if the socioconvergència ignores or menysté the manifestation to d´ayer, and that day to day gains to weight occupying l´espacio of the regionalistic right of the PP, before the next disappearance of the PP in Catalunya by its own acts, and still col.*labori day to day to trim in Madrid l´estatuto of the Parliament, nowhere to retire l´estatuto with support d´*ERC, without a doubt, l´incordio of people which I feel deceived will grow arithmetically putting l´*independentisme politician to a point to touch to the sky d´una majority of the Parliament that brings to us to decide to be a BE IN FAVOR of the route quebeca. Time to the time. It arrives attached you some photographies of historical l´acontecimiento that to many us has put the hen skin, but that will have dignificado and to supposed an historical continuation of which other many had to fight years 30 because then the Generalitat was constituted and that today those that we were we gather that historical thread by the freedom like town that se´*ns has been denying for 300 years, the one of the CATALAN NATION.
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