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Towards the democratic rupture: the Platform by the right to decide, rejects the statute in the referendum

Towards the democratic rupture: the Platform by the right to decide, rejects the statute in the referendum.
Every time there are more voices and significant, that in spite of the manipulation to compare estatut of 1979, the legitimacy of our Parliament, it was demolished doing that more of 65% of the articulated one of the text has been modified the Spanish congress. Days ago Ibarretxe already said that the sovereignty of the Basque town, and what decided freely, it did not have to happen through the scissors of the Spanish cuts, letting glimpse that the referendum after the approval of the Basque Parliament, knowing clearly in Euskadi the Basque sovereignty in its national subjects and social it is decided in Euskadi, not like aqui some.
Question nails the one of legitimacy, did not consider almost in Catalunya. In Catalunya, still there is one that wants to justify the old pujoliana tactics of the fish in the alcove, and that "we were not satisfied to breadcrumbs, we want the whole bread", and the Platform by the right to decide, marks to the way of the statutory rejection next the 18 of June, if there is no newness to the Senate that retards the date of the referendum and that the race is opened, like others, in positioning itself. Also the Platform has put trick Catalan pro-selections in favor of a null vote that what says "WE ARE a NATION yet" tolerates.
It will be necessary that the voices are unified, to give the most homogenous image and forceful possible, if we democratically want a forceful result by ricochet to the farce of plural Spain, since conscious or no, the autodeterminista process starts up, although establishment, puts all the economic and mediáticas tools to its service. What surprises more, is than lobbys of influence like the economy circle, that was sold to them that if collaborated with their influence to make swallow with a reduced statute, would obtain the OPA of Natural Gas on ENDESA. Perhaps someday, aside from the working-class who lacks a good financing to him to have an education, Nordic health and social benefits to l´estilo, that the economic elites tendrian with the economic concert, will be added to a day catalans, seeing that they, by many meals to small committee, first are deceived, and if no, already they can begin to see that E.ON takes "their pie". All together, cornudos ones and to pay the drink. And the European bottoms of cohesion finished the 2013, and right one of the aim of the economic commitment of estatutillo of Moncloa. What is vacant was '? catalana.Sólo we have left the referendum because all folds, we say that we really thought of the social and national liberties by our country.
NOTE PRESS Platform by the right to decide: Because we are a nation and we have the right to decide, By dignity, We rejected this Statute Because we are a nation and we have the right to decide, By dignity, We rejected this Estatut. The Platform By the Right To decide, Interpreting feeling d'una great part of the people and organizations that mobilized 18 of February the past and giving continuity l'acto of sovereignty and national d'afirmación that in that great manifestation I took place, Considering that it project d'Estatuto d'Autonomía of Catalunya that next will be put under referendum includes neither the aspirations nor the proposals expressed in the Manifesto with what it was summoned the manifestation of the 18 of February, Knowing full well that nor it project d'estatuto that our Parliament approved, nor the outcry massively expressed to the street by a great number of citizens and citizens has been respected by the institutions of l'Estado by good part of the Catalan political class, It decides, within the framework of the Referendum that will be summoned next, hard upon maturity an active campaign by ricochet to yes to propose l'actual d'Estatuto d'Autonomía. Assuming and supporting to all the options of vote that express this soberanista rejection, or the vote no, the null vote jeopardizes or the vote in target, which represents the diversity of the organizations and social movements of the Platform By the right To decide. Several initiatives of reaffirmation will be made and spreading of the contents of the Manifesto "We are a nation and we have the right to decide", everything vindicating a new democratic frame in what the Països Catalans can enjoy their full national freedom and the right to l'autodeterminación.La Platform By the Right To decide call all the adhered organizations and the set of the Catalan society to actively participate en'l exercise of the democratic rights and to prepare a future of national freedom without restricciones.NOTA OF PRESS: Platform by the right to decide, 24 d'abril of 2006. www.tenimeldretdedecidir.org

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The excellent news! ETA declares a permanent cease-fire of armed l´actividad a fact like this!

The excellent news! ETA declares a permanent cease-fire of armed activity a fact like this!
In the symbolic date to be made the day following remember in commission "estatut of Moncloa", and agreeing with being the 5 anniversary of the death of Ernest Lluch, now occurs to a firm step to the pacification of Euskalherria and the possibility of giving worthy exit to the Basque conflict, in which many steps will make lack and not few difficulties, still more when this fact of few days ago, empty of speech to the PP. And ETA does with the Irish model d´"alto the permanent fire ", that can trigger in a permanent truce, and hopefully, when leaving the armed warfare, signal that will have been respected the right to decide of the Basque society.
In Catalan scope, beyond the reactions, it will do that the subject of estatutillo of Moncloa happens to second term, but simultaneously will put more in evidence than the same one straight to decide of the Basque society, will do that here many we will demand the comparison in Catalunya of which it is obtained in Euskadi, that luckily aqui does not take place the armed warfare, but by this does not have to be excuse to such follow passages towards the self-determination. And that in Euskadi happens through a worthy solution, of first approaching all the prisoners Euskadi, as it says the own Spanish legislation that it is failed to fulfill, with later and ordered excarceración of the ETA prisoners, the derogation of the law of parties, that causes that Batasuna can be presented/displayed to the Basque elections and again becomes to the way of the parliamentary policy to the left abertzale and its surroundings.
Here it is necessary that we put the batteries, and that in spite of the titubeos that apparently ERC in the Senate makes take something more for estatutillo of Moncloa, like the airport of the Prat, when indeed there to the Senate, it is where it has greater capacity of influence by the numerical balance. Every time we are plus which we think that the referendum has to occur in autodeterminista key, and this already is one that is taking it upon maturity with own Web: http://www.votaindependencia.org/ that today has done when promen the public presentation in col.legi of Periodistes.
A cease-fire does not spend every year, therefore today it is historical day, without a doubt, and all the forces will have to put of their part, and now the political height of everyone will be seen. And this, has to us to impel, now more than ever, in Catalunya also to defend our right to decide our future, the conjuncture of the moment freely, if it is known to take advantage of, it can favor to us parallelly as much in Euskadi in Catalunya, with different priorities and ways, but with the same final mission, the right to decide d´ambas societies.
Official notice of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Communicated of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna 22 of March of 2006 Euskadi
(ETA) has decided the permanent cease-fire of the activity armed from the 24 of March of 2006. The objective of the ETA decision is to impel the democratic process that makes lack do in Euskal Herria. in Euskal Herria it is necessary to construct a democratic frame, that recognizes our rights, watching to the future and making all the political options possible. When the finishing this process the Basque citizens will have to have the right to decide their future. To the states Spanish and French he corresponds them to respect, without no limitation, the decision of democratic debate that occurs in Euskal Herria.
They will have to respect the decision that the Basoues we adopted on our future. ETA makes a call because all the agents act with the same responsibility with what ETA has acted in the hour to make the step that has done. To the authorities of Spain and France, ETA does a call to them so that they offer a positive answer to the new situation and leave the repressive attitudes. In general ETA it makes a call to the Basque citizens so that they are implied in the process and so that they fight by the rights of our town. It is the will and the desire of ETA to take this process until the aim and to recover a true democratic scene, surpassing a conflict that has lasted many years and constructing a peace based on justice. We confirmed the commitment to continue the future in making more passages in agreement with the expressed will. The resolution of the conflict today and here is possible. It is the desire and the will of ETA. Gora Euskal Herria Askatuta. Gora Euskal Herria Sozialista. It advanced until obtaining to independence and the socialism.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A MILLION PEOPLE STAND EVERYTHING SAYING:WE ARE ONE NATION And WE FLEW TO BE ABLE OF DECISION Or we have the process in march towards autodeterminatio

A million people stand everything saying: WE ARE ONE NATION And WE FLEW TO BE ABLE OF DECISION! . Or we have the process in march towards l´autodetermination
If the hundreds of thousands of anonymous people caused yesterday that they occupied the streets of Barcelona, Seat in Spain until Seat Catalunya, and the human riada one, filled this long space with all the great one via without getting to see the aim of people both sides, are that the nation catalana s´ha planted and or has to decide to say the sufficient thing and to based the social base towards the national and social sovereignty.
Before establishment of the socioconvergència, that denied the legitimacy of the vindications of than 600 organizations included more under the Platform by the right to decide, refusing to attend IC-psc-ciu and of course PP, having in against mass average, with one infima cover of mass average officials or deliberate concealment, with attempts d´obstrucción with coincidence of the Barça-Betis, solventat by the managements of the director of the Barça, and columnistes on salary of the "regime" which they are to receive instructions to gauche divine of the Route * veneto, to orchestrate and * desincentivant the will of simple people that we flew to be able the ámbitos(fiscalidad, tributary agency, justice, language, Catalan frame of labor relations, health, education, etc..) and that is respected the legitimacy of the Parliament of Catalunya and l´acuerdo that in its day had the consensus of 90% and that all s´han desdicho and s´han added with l´estatuto of the Moncloa of But-shoemaker, with exception d´ERC, that supported in solitaire the parliamentary arc inside, with the presence of 6 advisors and leaders.
And it is that this country s´ha planted before a Spain that nor understands to us, nor respects to us and that upon putting under the popular classes to the deficiencies of services public by the fiscal deficiency of financing due to espoli of 9% tho the PIB, labels d´insolidarios and it does not have miraments to appeal to the xenophobia using the lie, for example towards the Catalan, being the maximum exponent the PP and his around " brunete mediatic", the authentic tanks of the S.XXI. The national vector, will have to d´entrar like essential element of the directions of all the parties, because by the variety of gene, d´edades and d´os of many as much of the Castilian, everything shining estelades and señeras, presents with national normality to the historical manifestation that deprives of authority the pact of the shame of But with that its word is incomplert, Zapatero, and who leaves in evidence the PSC, he will have to make romiar very since than 150,000 voters perfectly more disillusioned of PSC and 100,000 of CIU they made fragmentation hand grenade under the motto "we are a nation and we have the right to decide", throwing by low it.
And if not they move by nation Catalan, when they see that "you feel them no longer" take them plus the hair and they do not receive his support like punishment, and s´añadan to the national normality of already convinced, the mobilized bases d´ERC, that along with people non-participant that general "happens", understood that s´ had to be before the defense of the dignity of the Catalan town. A lesson of the civil society that has given a democratic slap, civica and pacific to the class leader and l´alta bourgeoisie that invites Zapatero to undo the will of the Parliament and dares to say what touches and that to of government the country, menystenint to this often silenced social majority that is the d´este working-class country. And if the socioconvergència ignores or menysté the manifestation to d´ayer, and that day to day gains to weight occupying l´espacio of the regionalistic right of the PP, before the next disappearance of the PP in Catalunya by its own acts, and still col.*labori day to day to trim in Madrid l´estatuto of the Parliament, nowhere to retire l´estatuto with support d´*ERC, without a doubt, l´incordio of people which I feel deceived will grow arithmetically putting l´*independentisme politician to a point to touch to the sky d´una majority of the Parliament that brings to us to decide to be a BE IN FAVOR of the route quebeca. Time to the time. It arrives attached you some photographies of historical l´acontecimiento that to many us has put the hen skin, but that will have dignificado and to supposed an historical continuation of which other many had to fight years 30 because then the Generalitat was constituted and that today those that we were we gather that historical thread by the freedom like town that se´*ns has been denying for 300 years, the one of the CATALAN NATION.
Organization manifestation: http://www.tenimeldretdedecidir.org/special
Pursuit mobilization: www.vilaweb.cat

Friday, February 10, 2006

Manifestation: WE ARE A NATION! SELF-determination for catalonia!

Manifestation: WE ARE A NATION! SELF-determination to the catalonia!

Manifestation: We are a nation! self-determination!
After the last mutilation of Psc-ciu-PSOE-pp-IC to the term nation to the commission of the congress of the deputies, the reasons do not exceed to support to the manifestation that summons l´izquierda independentista more alternative, with "unitary" character, that we wait for it, that it does that the day 18, also attend and has at the dificiles present moments, unit of action of the independentismo and more coherent catalanism by or of the country, we gambled much, and the little or much affluence, will mark the national thermometer of the vindications that can make rectify cuts, or to deepen them, in later readings of the economic elite and the regionalistic sociovergencia that have agreed "estatutet". Now more than ever, self-determination of the Catalan town, to the street, that knows that we are more of those than they would want and would wish.
Manifestation: We are a nation, SELF-determination! 11 february in barcelona in five hours in to the place to spain until to place catalonia rute.

MANIFESTATION "WE HAVE BEEN a MANIFEST NATION SELF-determination" OF the UNITARY CAMPAIGN BY the SELF-determination for months the politicians of the Principality of Catalunya and of the Valencian Country they are immersed in the discussion on the reforms of the respective statutes of autonomy. But, that supposes the statutes? Year 1978 the Constitution was approved to the Spanish general cuts, that fixed the ordering legal-political of the Spanish state. In order to suffocate the social and national vindications widely assumed, a small administrative decentralization settles down, by means of autonomy statutes that take step to the creation of the denominated Independent Communities. To accept the statute tolerated to accept the rules of the Spanish constitutional game, is to say to accept the limits imposed by this and admitting the basic pillars of the system: Capitalism, the negation of the national rights, the monarchy, etc.
The present reform of the statutes is born of the hand of the dominant classes, that are interested to defend them, with special intensity with respect to the financing, that the political class of the Principality sells us like the solution to the problems of the popular classes. We must be conscious that the speculation, the precariedad, the closing of companies and the deslocalizaciones, the destruction of the medio.ambiente and the terciarización, the discrimination by sort, etc. continue and will continue while neoliberal policies are applied that do not guarantee basic the social rights (education, health, house, labor stability, nourishing security, energy, equality between sexes...) and an economic model stays that it puts in front the property deprived to any social value. Also an ample sector of the Catalan society to the illegality condemns and the precarización, by means of repressive policies and of exclusion, since the autonomic powers fly to assume the immigration competitions, but in case some proposes solutions different from which already the State applies. The statutes suppose a frontal attack to the aspirations of freedom of the Catalan Countries. False identitarios symbols stay, like the imposition of the "blavera" (autonomic flag to the Valencian Country), and the negation of the unit of the language, as also the right of the autonomies refuses to federate among them.
In the same way, the autonomy statutes that propose to us marginalize the Catalan language, fix the coofficialty of the Catalan, nowhere of the full officiality, maintain the secesionismo linguistic and assure the constant diminution the use and education from the Catalan to the classrooms by the approval of state laws, the imposition of the Castilian like language to vehicular to justice and the supeditación of the linguistic uses to the capitalist market (discrimination of the Catalan in the labeled one and the audio-visual world, for example). It does not surprise, by all this, that before the present crisis of the model of estado"de the autonomies ", the state and autonomic leaders are prepared to renew this pact of sumisión.No will make us think that the statute is of all and all.
The one that we needed is a popular and democratic constituent process, by so constructing a new model of political, social, economic and labor relations to the Catalan Countries. To obtain this new model we must decide our future freely, without threats, nor you compel, that is to say, we have to exert the right to the Self-determination. NEITHER REFORMS, NOR STATUTES, SELF-determination!
More information a: www.autodeterminacio.net

Friday, January 27, 2006

Letter of Tejero, the author of the coup d´etat in spain publishes: Until when... zapatero?

(Letter of Tejero, the author of the coup d'etat in Spain the 23 of February of the 1981, publishes letter in the newspaper "Melilla Today". 26/I/2006)
Until when... Zapatero?
Antonio Tejero Molina Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Guard, expelled from the Army by the 23 F Before the news of the secret meetings of Zapatero and their relatives by marriage, as well as of his consequences, is no an answer more: Who have thought that they are that people to play with the integrity of Spain? Who are for distributing our money lavishly to Catalan parties that the only thing that they want is to command to Spain to take wind? Perhaps create to us still more lambs of which we are? It is that they are not going to stop to throw wasps to us so that the noses are swollen to us and we throw by the street of in the middle? Thank heavens that I believe that they do not have counted with the King, who just as spoke that 23 F because a revolt exploded, also will speak now, because the truth is that they are trying to break Corona of Spain of which is deposit taker. Because if not what is that of which Catalonia is a nation? It is it neither in the introduction nor in the guts of no document; in addition it it has not been never. Very cowardly we would be if we allowed that this became a vile reality. Why it is not asked the Spaniards before for countersignature if they want asi to it '.
Prayer to God, since I believe publicly in him, so that it makes reign the sanity so that it illuminates the King of Spain and so that it confuses to which they perhaps give to the mother country by 30 votes and by something still more shameful.
Madrid, 25 of January of the 2006
This is a world-wide scandal. In the middle of Europe, a state, the Spanish allows that an author of an insolvent coup d'etat threatens which the military go out if she throws ahead the statute and she is recognized what Ctalunya is, a nation. Habra that to make echo the international press of the threat that above has 7 million of Catalan, by the Spanish state which it has them threatened, as the case of Tejero, author of an insolvent coup d'etat. Scandalous.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Army troglodytes in Spain

Army Troglodytes in Spain
It is a basic principle of democracy that army officers do not publicly challenge the legitimacy of elected governments or talk about marching their troops into the capital to overturn decisions of Parliament. Yet that is just what has happened twice this month in Spain, a country whose 20th-century history compels it to take such threats seriously, even when the chances of insubordinate words' leading to insubordinate actions seems quite unlikely.
The response of the center-left government of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has been appropriately firm, including the dismissal and arrest of one of the culprits, a senior army general. Regrettably, the center-right Popular Party, the main opposition group, seems more interested in making excuses for the officers than in defending the democratic order in which it has a vital stake.
Spain's swift and smooth passage to modern democracy after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975 makes it easy to forget the horrors of the civil war and the brutal dictatorship that preceded it. Those nightmares began when right-wing army officers rebelled against an elected left-wing government they considered to be illegitimate and too deferential to regional separatists.
Spanish society, Spanish politicians and, for the most part, Spanish military officers have come a long way from that era, moderating their views and deepening their commitment to democratic give-and-take. But the Popular Party has had a hard time getting over its electoral defeat nearly two years ago, days after the terrorist bombings of commuter trains in Madrid. It has never really accepted the democratic legitimacy of that vote. It is time for the Popular Party to move ahead. Spanish democracy needs and deserves vigorous bipartisan support.
The new york times: http://www.nytimes.com/

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Hostage to Catalonia

Hostage to Catalonia
Published: January 10 2006 02:00 Last updated: January 10 2006 02:00
Most future historians will note with satisfaction that when Spain, three decades after the death of Franco and the supplanting of his dictatorship by democracy, was told by the commander of the Spanish army that the military might intervene if Catalonia was to get more self-governing powers, Spain was mildly shaken but far from stirred. General Jose Mena Aguado will go down in history as an anachronism.
The days of the military pronunciamiento are over. Spain is a confident and prosperous democracy inside the European Union, a cultural and economic powerhouse and an international citizen of standing. Its federal political system - despite tensions with the Basques and Catalans - must be accounted a success.
Yet in a speech last Friday Gen Mena referred to the Catalan regional government's plans to expand its powers as a repetition of pre-civil war history (he referred to the May 1932 debates on the Catalan autonomy statute). This is reactionary blackmail. Unhappily, the general is not entirely wrong when he claims Article 8 of the constitution empowers the army with defending the "territorial integrity" of Spain. Spain's democratic charter, passed in December 1978, contains flaws, recognised by many at the time. Article 8 was used by Francoist officers to justify their failed putsch of February 1981.
That era is over. But perhaps Spain's government(s) and people could usefully remind themselves of this. The government in Madrid, currently under Socialist management, is right to arrest Gen Mena. It intends to fire him, with the full support of the army chief of staff, and should make clear the same fate awaits any of his emulators.
The Catalan government - also currently led by Socialists - should tread with caution. It is within its rights to demand, for instance, tax-raising powers the Basques already have. Its demand that Catalonia be considered a "nation" reflects a cultural desire supported democratically by its people. This is not, per se, separatism; Article 2 of the constitution already recognises "nationalities" within Spain. Nor should its demand for greater judicial autonomy cause alarm so long as the supremacy of Spain's higher courts remains paramount.
But the Catalans, who pride themselves on being more European than the rest of Spain, should remember the principles of European Union solidarity. These include fiscal transfers from richer to less well-off regions. Why should that be right within Europe but wrong within Spain?
Spain's constitution should also be amended to spell out the supremacy of civil over military power. Unfortunately, the opposition Popular Party, still unreconciled to its ejection from power after the Madrid bombings of March 2004, seems to think Gen Mena has a point. That could represent a greater threat to Spanish unity than Catalonia's autonomy ambitions.
The newspaper information is in adress: http://news.ft.com/home/europe

Spain´s old guard defiant as general sacked

Spain's old guard defiant as general sacked
· Army 'hero' had warned of intervention in Catalonia · Row over autonomy hit ruling party's poll rating
Saturday January 14, 2006
At his Madrid home a few yards from Spain's defence ministry office, retired colonel José Conde bristled with pride as he declared that the country's army had found a new hero. "General Mena will be famous for the rest of his life," he said. "It is absolutely right to say that he has behaved heroically."
The only trouble with the new hero of Col Conde and of the 500 serving officers belonging to his conservative Association of Spanish Military Officers is that the hero in question - Lieutenant-General José Mena Aguado - was sacked yesterday.
The Socialist government of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero formally declared Gen Mena's 40-year military career as a distinguished cavalry officer to have ended in disgrace.
Gen Mena's crime was to warn Spaniards of what he claimed was growing military anger over moves to give greater autonomy to the wealthy eastern region of Catalonia. He also reminded everyone that when Spain wrote a democratic constitution for itself in 1978 after nearly 40 years of military dictatorship under General Francisco Franco the army won the mission of "guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Spain".
His speech last week recalled for many the last time Spain's army got involved in politics - with a failed 1981 coup that saw a civil guard colonel, Antonio Tejero, storm parliament and take its deputies hostage.
The defence minister, José Bono, wrote Gen Mena off as a loose cannon among Spain's top brass. "It is an isolated case, and it has been dealt with," he said."A general has to be politically neutral."
But Gen Mena may not be alone. "He has, without doubt, expressed the opinion of the majority of officers," said Col Conde. "The situation is degrading. They want to pull Spain apart, limb from limb." Spanish newspapers have been inundated with letters from army officers - mainly retired ones who served under Franco - backing Gen Mena. One of the few who broke ranks was Colonel Fernando Abalo, a Nato staff officer in Brussels, who wrote to the conservative ABC newspaper calling Gen Mena "shameful and antediluvian".
Nobody in Spain, however, really believes that tanks are about to roll through the Catalan capital, Barcelona. "Nothing of that sort could happen now," said Col Conde.
In the 15th century palace which is home to the regional Catalan government the chief minister, Josep Bargalló, agreed. "This is 21st century Europe. We do not have military uprisings," said Mr Bargalló, a leader of the separatist Catalan Republican Left in coalition with the majority Socialists.
Mr Bargalló said that what concerned him was the criticism that has greeted the autonomy bill. Some criticisms, he claimed, were proof that Franco's ghost had not yet gone from Spain.
The bill, which has the backing of 90% of the Catalan parliament, calls for Catalonia to be formally recognised as a nation within Spain, collect its own taxes and to have its own supreme court.
The row has proved a problem for Mr Zapatero, whose party's poll ratings have slid behind those of the opposition conservative People's party. As a result he has backtracked on a pledge to approve whatever fresh autonomy demands the Catalan parliament made, as long as they were constitutional.
The anger emanating from Madrid has, however, had one result, according to Mr Bargalló. It has pushed more Catalans into the arms of the independence movement.
The effect is mutual, according to the Barcelona-based intellectual Félix de Azúa, who opposes the autonomy bill. "Spanish nationalism [of the Francoist kind] had been defeated and had disappeared. Now it is coming back."
Some see Gen Mena's move as a deliberate attempt to force the same kind of slowdown in devolving power to Spain's 17 semi-autonomous regions that followed the 1981 coup attempt.
"You don't actually have to bring the tanks out to make that happen," said Pere Aragonès, a separatist youth who demonstrated outside the military governor's office earlier this week.
BackstoryCatalonia became part of Spain in 1469, but kept its own government, the generalitat, until 1714. This was revived in the 1930s, then abolished by the dictator Francisco Franco. It reappeared with Spanish democracy in the 1970s. The 1978 constitution does not recognise Catalonia as a nation, though it ambiguously refers to "nationalities" within Spain. The 6.8 million Catalans account for 15% of Spaniards and produce 18% of GDP.
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The newspaper information estract in: http://digital.guardian.co.uk/demo/

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Manifestation 18 of february in Barcelona, under the lema "we are the nation and we must right to decide"

A manifestation in Barcelona will demand respect by the right to the Catalans to decide ' Som one was born i tenim dret of decidir' is the motto that heads the manifestation that the Platform pel dret to decide has summoned initially for day 18 of February to 17,30 of afternoon in Barcelona. És acte central of the campaign that impels the platform, endorsed by més d'un hundred d'entitats of the Catalan country, that they demand that the politica class is to the height of the necessities and the aspirations of the Catalan town. The platform has presented/displayed today the acts of the campaign, most important of which are the manifestation of Barcelona, initially anticipated for the 18 of February, although the date can vary based on decurso of the negotiations and the result of these. The writer Víctor Alexandre, the actress Car to me Sansa and Teatre de Guerrilla have participated in the presentation of the acts of the campaign and in the reading of manifest , that counts with more of a hundred of adhesions.
Organizing platform:
By telephone: +0034 93 444 38 00
Ja began to touch that the civil society mobilitzase itself, and more after the attacks the socólógico Francoism and of extreema right of the PP and its surroundings. that són azmereir of average world, like general lieutenant Mena, that ejemplarizan the democracy of low intensity, that is the powers of the Spanish State. Now, if that touches, to go out at the dificiles moments of the negotiation to so give to a social legitimacy to the acceptance of estatut com aprovó in the Parlament de Catalunya.
Let us support to individual and associative level, now more than ever, on the part of the Catalans, the many demóicratas Spaniards and nations without state and of the towns of Ibero-America, that still remember the genocido one of the Spanish empire. This also is his estatut!

Controversy by I articulate that it speaks of the military Spanish precoup participants who support to the dismissed Mena

She is a contributor of the Avui newspaper, published in Catalan, where in its section "PASALO", it does ironia of the politica and social reality, and in this ironiza case that the Spanish military harian who supported general lieutenant Mena, who defended to apply the scandalous one I articulate 8 of the Spanish constituión that atribuy ea the military in militarily occupying a nation like the Catalan, instead of countermanding, as it requests the international press, since they are not supeditan to the political power.I articulate of Iu Forn, that exception of phrase cleared of outside context in reference to the mothers of the military, to had rectification on the other hand, has many supports in Catalunya, dice impunity of brunete mediatic españolista (ABC, world, the REASON....) that they have atiado hatred towards the journalist, arriving to him even death threats and insults, such that lies and usually manipulates the Catalan reality. We reproduce the translation to you in Castilian so that you think:"Pásalo. Manual of the good coup participant ", by Iu FornThey underwent a pandemic of the military of a very high graduation (possibly absenta) to which does not like the Statute. That is, that as they are enfadaditos are dedicated to threaten removing the tanks to us to the street. Or, then, or they remove them from once or they shut up (also of once). And if in the end they think that there are to do what historically they have done in other cases, permítanme advice of friend:If they enter Barcelona by the Diagonal, leave the tanks and they take the street car, that we are speaking of a sustainable city. Once in the Diagonal they will see that by hand right it is the seat of the Caixa, already know, those of the OPA that he wants to kill of hunger to Ej-paña. It is evident that he deserves to be assaulted. But taken care of much! If in an office they are with a high and blond girl, déjenla peacefully. He could be a daughter of the King, who works in the company.If in the heat of sacking of the city decides to return to take papers, better than they hope that they return those that now are arriving from Salamanca. If together ones take to them all, will take advantage of the transport and will save a dinerito, that always comes well. Remember that the decree of civismo of Barcelona prohibits the supposed practice of the prostitution in according to what.
Therefore, better than they come without its mothers.Important warning: They know that the Financial Times, that newspaper that affirmed Tuesday that article 8 of the Constitution has "imperfections", that to request to be a nation is a democratic yearning and that the attitude of the PP in the Mena case "can represent one more a greater threat for the unit of Spain that the autonomistas ambitions of Catalonia"? Then that newspaper is not Catalan. In order to bomb it they would have to call to information of Great Britain and to request its direction to him.Ah, and a very important thing that it left me: mainly they pay attention to the gentleman to the Supreme Court and nothing else to get apúntense to dance sevillanas, not outside to be the case that ended up learning Catalan ".
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