Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Manifestation 18 of february in Barcelona, under the lema "we are the nation and we must right to decide"

A manifestation in Barcelona will demand respect by the right to the Catalans to decide ' Som one was born i tenim dret of decidir' is the motto that heads the manifestation that the Platform pel dret to decide has summoned initially for day 18 of February to 17,30 of afternoon in Barcelona. És acte central of the campaign that impels the platform, endorsed by més d'un hundred d'entitats of the Catalan country, that they demand that the politica class is to the height of the necessities and the aspirations of the Catalan town. The platform has presented/displayed today the acts of the campaign, most important of which are the manifestation of Barcelona, initially anticipated for the 18 of February, although the date can vary based on decurso of the negotiations and the result of these. The writer Víctor Alexandre, the actress Car to me Sansa and Teatre de Guerrilla have participated in the presentation of the acts of the campaign and in the reading of manifest , that counts with more of a hundred of adhesions.
Organizing platform:
By telephone: +0034 93 444 38 00
Ja began to touch that the civil society mobilitzase itself, and more after the attacks the socólógico Francoism and of extreema right of the PP and its surroundings. that són azmereir of average world, like general lieutenant Mena, that ejemplarizan the democracy of low intensity, that is the powers of the Spanish State. Now, if that touches, to go out at the dificiles moments of the negotiation to so give to a social legitimacy to the acceptance of estatut com aprovó in the Parlament de Catalunya.
Let us support to individual and associative level, now more than ever, on the part of the Catalans, the many demóicratas Spaniards and nations without state and of the towns of Ibero-America, that still remember the genocido one of the Spanish empire. This also is his estatut!

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