Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Controversy by I articulate that it speaks of the military Spanish precoup participants who support to the dismissed Mena

She is a contributor of the Avui newspaper, published in Catalan, where in its section "PASALO", it does ironia of the politica and social reality, and in this ironiza case that the Spanish military harian who supported general lieutenant Mena, who defended to apply the scandalous one I articulate 8 of the Spanish constituión that atribuy ea the military in militarily occupying a nation like the Catalan, instead of countermanding, as it requests the international press, since they are not supeditan to the political power.I articulate of Iu Forn, that exception of phrase cleared of outside context in reference to the mothers of the military, to had rectification on the other hand, has many supports in Catalunya, dice impunity of brunete mediatic españolista (ABC, world, the REASON....) that they have atiado hatred towards the journalist, arriving to him even death threats and insults, such that lies and usually manipulates the Catalan reality. We reproduce the translation to you in Castilian so that you think:"Pásalo. Manual of the good coup participant ", by Iu FornThey underwent a pandemic of the military of a very high graduation (possibly absenta) to which does not like the Statute. That is, that as they are enfadaditos are dedicated to threaten removing the tanks to us to the street. Or, then, or they remove them from once or they shut up (also of once). And if in the end they think that there are to do what historically they have done in other cases, permítanme advice of friend:If they enter Barcelona by the Diagonal, leave the tanks and they take the street car, that we are speaking of a sustainable city. Once in the Diagonal they will see that by hand right it is the seat of the Caixa, already know, those of the OPA that he wants to kill of hunger to Ej-paña. It is evident that he deserves to be assaulted. But taken care of much! If in an office they are with a high and blond girl, déjenla peacefully. He could be a daughter of the King, who works in the company.If in the heat of sacking of the city decides to return to take papers, better than they hope that they return those that now are arriving from Salamanca. If together ones take to them all, will take advantage of the transport and will save a dinerito, that always comes well. Remember that the decree of civismo of Barcelona prohibits the supposed practice of the prostitution in according to what.
Therefore, better than they come without its mothers.Important warning: They know that the Financial Times, that newspaper that affirmed Tuesday that article 8 of the Constitution has "imperfections", that to request to be a nation is a democratic yearning and that the attitude of the PP in the Mena case "can represent one more a greater threat for the unit of Spain that the autonomistas ambitions of Catalonia"? Then that newspaper is not Catalan. In order to bomb it they would have to call to information of Great Britain and to request its direction to him.Ah, and a very important thing that it left me: mainly they pay attention to the gentleman to the Supreme Court and nothing else to get apúntense to dance sevillanas, not outside to be the case that ended up learning Catalan ".
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