Friday, January 27, 2006

Letter of Tejero, the author of the coup d´etat in spain publishes: Until when... zapatero?

(Letter of Tejero, the author of the coup d'etat in Spain the 23 of February of the 1981, publishes letter in the newspaper "Melilla Today". 26/I/2006)
Until when... Zapatero?
Antonio Tejero Molina Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Guard, expelled from the Army by the 23 F Before the news of the secret meetings of Zapatero and their relatives by marriage, as well as of his consequences, is no an answer more: Who have thought that they are that people to play with the integrity of Spain? Who are for distributing our money lavishly to Catalan parties that the only thing that they want is to command to Spain to take wind? Perhaps create to us still more lambs of which we are? It is that they are not going to stop to throw wasps to us so that the noses are swollen to us and we throw by the street of in the middle? Thank heavens that I believe that they do not have counted with the King, who just as spoke that 23 F because a revolt exploded, also will speak now, because the truth is that they are trying to break Corona of Spain of which is deposit taker. Because if not what is that of which Catalonia is a nation? It is it neither in the introduction nor in the guts of no document; in addition it it has not been never. Very cowardly we would be if we allowed that this became a vile reality. Why it is not asked the Spaniards before for countersignature if they want asi to it '.
Prayer to God, since I believe publicly in him, so that it makes reign the sanity so that it illuminates the King of Spain and so that it confuses to which they perhaps give to the mother country by 30 votes and by something still more shameful.
Madrid, 25 of January of the 2006
This is a world-wide scandal. In the middle of Europe, a state, the Spanish allows that an author of an insolvent coup d'etat threatens which the military go out if she throws ahead the statute and she is recognized what Ctalunya is, a nation. Habra that to make echo the international press of the threat that above has 7 million of Catalan, by the Spanish state which it has them threatened, as the case of Tejero, author of an insolvent coup d'etat. Scandalous.

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