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Manifestation: WE ARE A NATION! SELF-determination for catalonia!

Manifestation: WE ARE A NATION! SELF-determination to the catalonia!

Manifestation: We are a nation! self-determination!
After the last mutilation of Psc-ciu-PSOE-pp-IC to the term nation to the commission of the congress of the deputies, the reasons do not exceed to support to the manifestation that summons l´izquierda independentista more alternative, with "unitary" character, that we wait for it, that it does that the day 18, also attend and has at the dificiles present moments, unit of action of the independentismo and more coherent catalanism by or of the country, we gambled much, and the little or much affluence, will mark the national thermometer of the vindications that can make rectify cuts, or to deepen them, in later readings of the economic elite and the regionalistic sociovergencia that have agreed "estatutet". Now more than ever, self-determination of the Catalan town, to the street, that knows that we are more of those than they would want and would wish.
Manifestation: We are a nation, SELF-determination! 11 february in barcelona in five hours in to the place to spain until to place catalonia rute.

MANIFESTATION "WE HAVE BEEN a MANIFEST NATION SELF-determination" OF the UNITARY CAMPAIGN BY the SELF-determination for months the politicians of the Principality of Catalunya and of the Valencian Country they are immersed in the discussion on the reforms of the respective statutes of autonomy. But, that supposes the statutes? Year 1978 the Constitution was approved to the Spanish general cuts, that fixed the ordering legal-political of the Spanish state. In order to suffocate the social and national vindications widely assumed, a small administrative decentralization settles down, by means of autonomy statutes that take step to the creation of the denominated Independent Communities. To accept the statute tolerated to accept the rules of the Spanish constitutional game, is to say to accept the limits imposed by this and admitting the basic pillars of the system: Capitalism, the negation of the national rights, the monarchy, etc.
The present reform of the statutes is born of the hand of the dominant classes, that are interested to defend them, with special intensity with respect to the financing, that the political class of the Principality sells us like the solution to the problems of the popular classes. We must be conscious that the speculation, the precariedad, the closing of companies and the deslocalizaciones, the destruction of the medio.ambiente and the terciarización, the discrimination by sort, etc. continue and will continue while neoliberal policies are applied that do not guarantee basic the social rights (education, health, house, labor stability, nourishing security, energy, equality between sexes...) and an economic model stays that it puts in front the property deprived to any social value. Also an ample sector of the Catalan society to the illegality condemns and the precarización, by means of repressive policies and of exclusion, since the autonomic powers fly to assume the immigration competitions, but in case some proposes solutions different from which already the State applies. The statutes suppose a frontal attack to the aspirations of freedom of the Catalan Countries. False identitarios symbols stay, like the imposition of the "blavera" (autonomic flag to the Valencian Country), and the negation of the unit of the language, as also the right of the autonomies refuses to federate among them.
In the same way, the autonomy statutes that propose to us marginalize the Catalan language, fix the coofficialty of the Catalan, nowhere of the full officiality, maintain the secesionismo linguistic and assure the constant diminution the use and education from the Catalan to the classrooms by the approval of state laws, the imposition of the Castilian like language to vehicular to justice and the supeditación of the linguistic uses to the capitalist market (discrimination of the Catalan in the labeled one and the audio-visual world, for example). It does not surprise, by all this, that before the present crisis of the model of estado"de the autonomies ", the state and autonomic leaders are prepared to renew this pact of sumisión.No will make us think that the statute is of all and all.
The one that we needed is a popular and democratic constituent process, by so constructing a new model of political, social, economic and labor relations to the Catalan Countries. To obtain this new model we must decide our future freely, without threats, nor you compel, that is to say, we have to exert the right to the Self-determination. NEITHER REFORMS, NOR STATUTES, SELF-determination!
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